We want to thank everybody who came out and played in this year’s Hayward Open over the past weekend!  Here’s a video highlighting the event!

And here are the flight winners:

17th Flight — T. Swanson
16th Flight — Luthy
15th Flight — Carroll
14th Flight — Leonidas
13th Flight — MacKenzie
12th Flight — Youngquist
11th Flight — J. Daly
10th Flight — N. Busch
9th Flight — Kramer
8th Flight — Walters
7th Flight — R. Stauffer
6th Flight — Fandler
5th Flight — Randall
4th Flight — K. Slusarski
3rd Flight — M. Bark

Stroke Play

2nd Flight
4th — Chad Whiteaker
3rd — Kyle Cooper
2nd — D.J. McRae
1st — Mike Flynn

1st Flight
4th — Nate Smith
3rd — Rick Brown
2nd — Gary Swanson
1st — Brody Moreland

Championship Flight
4th — Taylor Sundbom
3rd — Matt Mellin
2nd — Alex Kolquist
1st — Jack Gustafson (170)

This was Jack Gustafson’s fourth championship in five years!  Congratulations to him and to all!

Finally, just a quick note that the Ladies 9-Hole League will be starting on Monday, June 21st.  Call the Pro Shop at (715) 634-2760 to sign up or to get more information!