2022 Hayward Open Results

Big thanks to all who participated in the Hayward Open over the weekend! Though we had to dodge a couple of unexpected rain showers, for the most part, it was a weekend of great weather and great golf!

Here’s Mitch Byrd walking us through some of the highlights:

And here is the complete list of winners:

12th Flight – Brandon Johnson
11th Flight – Joe Erickson
10th Flight – Zach McKinnon
9th Flight – Dan Kusz
8th Flight – Matt McKittrick
7th Flight – Lenny Koch
6th Flight – Mike Kramer
5th Flight – Mike McDonald
4th Flight – Kyle Ernst
3rd Flight – Troy Olson

Senior 2nd Flight – Tim Johnson

2nd Flight
1st — Nick Lange
2nd — Mike Flynn
3rd — Rick Brown
4th — Adam Hall

Senior 1st Flight
1st — Keith Coln
2nd — Dan Fandler
3rd — Steve Blegen
4th — Tim Barnett

1st Flight
1st — Taylor Sundbom
2nd — Scott Pavelski
3rd — David Isaacson
4th — Andrew O’Dean

Senior Championship Flight
1st — Gary Swanson
2nd — Tim Nolde
3rd — Tom Sobczak
4th — Mike Frenchick

Championship Flight
1st — Matt Mellin
2nd — Jack Gustafson
3rd — Alex Kolquist
4th — Mike Terch

Congratulations to all, particularly new Hayward Open Champion Matt Mellin and Senior Champion Gary Swanson!