Beer Tree Fundraiser Raffle

A significant piece of Hayward Golf Club lore has been the “Beer Tree” on Hole #15, named because of the tradition that any golfer whose ball hits the tree should then buy drinks for the rest of the group. This tree was responsible a lot of fun drama and intrigue over the years, but it eventually came to the end of its lifespan, and the decision was made to remove it.

Various options for potential replacements were discussed over the course of this season, but the decision has been made to keep it simple: a new tree will be planted on Hole #15 in roughly the same location, so the Beer Tree legend will live on!

To offset some of the cost of planting the new tree, we’re running a 50/50 raffle. Tickets are $1, and are available in the Pro Shop. The winner’s name will be drawn in the fall.

We hope all who have been given some excitement and enjoyment from the Beer Tree over the years will consider supporting the raffle and help keep this HGC tradition going for years to come!