Club Championship Results!

We wanted to take a moment to congratulate the winners of our Club Championships, and to particularly celebrate the new Champs, who not only took home the trophies, but also have dedicated parking spots until next year’s tournaments!

First, the results for the Women’s Club Championship:

Championship Flight
Diana Ksiazyk — 1st Gross
Cindy Ross — 1st Net

1st Flight
Karen Giese — 1st Gross (overall Champion with the lowest gross score)

Pat Patko — 1st Net
Cheryl Treland — 2nd Net

2nd Flight
Nancy Rubinstein — 1st Gross
Lori DeJoode — 1st Net

And the results for the Men’s Club Championship:

Championship Flight
Brody Moreland — Champion

Josh Hanson — 1st Net

Senior Championship Flight
John Place — Champion (adding to his extensive hardware collection from over the years)

Steve Nichols — 1st Net
John Becker — 2nd Gross
Bill Rich — 2nd Net

1st Flight
Max Disher — 1st Gross
Jackson Terry — 1st Net
Drew Loder — 2nd Gross

2nd Flight
Jon Bonney — 1st Gross
Chris Coons — 1st Net

3rd Flight
Pete Church — 1st Gross
John Greene — 1st Net
Chip Velek — 2nd Gross

Senior 1st Flight
Vili Andrei — 1st Gross
Terry Nutt — 1st Net
Ron Ulmer — 2nd Gross
Butch Johnson — 2nd Net
Dan Fandler — 3rd Gross

Senior 2nd Flight
Mike Simons — 1st Gross
Terry Moe — 1st Net
Tom Leighty — 2nd Gross

Senior Gold Flight
Bob Book — 1st Gross
Jerry Elbert — 1st Net

Lastly, here are the results of the Hayward Civic Club Board of Directors election. Quentin Johnson will be returning for another term, and this year’s new Board members are:
– Jay Johns
– Dick Kuchler
– Pat Meyer
– Wade Reier