Course Opening Update

Spring in Wisconsin means you can never truly bank on things going the way you’d like, and this week has been a textbook example of that. Cooler temperatures brought a bit more snow, and although the forecast shows of several days of rain coming later this week, it’s now looking like opening day will happen sometime late next week. Again, we will keep you all posted as soon as we know definitively.

Superintendent Jeff Streeter reports that the golf course came through the winter well, with no ice damage or snow damage. So once the course is clear of the new snow, it won’t take the grounds crew long at all to get the course ready for play… as long as weather conditions allow!

In more encouraging news, today we received delivery of a brand new range ball machine! So be on the lookout for that once the range opens, which we hope will also be sometime next week.

The Caddyshak will open for bar service whenever the golf course officially opens. The date for kitchen operations in the Caddyshak is still up in the air, but hot dogs, brats, and assorted snacks will be available in the bar.