A committee exists at Hayward Golf Club to help raise funds for on-course projects and upgrades at the facility outside of the normal operating budget of the club.

With 2020 being a special year with unique circumstances, the $25,000 we are looking to raise will offset a portion of the expense of installing our new $1.6 million double-row irrigation system, which is slated to begin in the spring.  This is just a small way for us to help alleviate small issues and sub-projects of the larger undertaking.

Fundraising efforts in 2020 include:

  • Super Bowl Board: $1250.00
  • Spring Kick-Off Dinner
  • Civic Club Benefit Scramble
  • Hole-In-One Challenge
  • On Course Contests/Men’s Social Group
  • Packers Season Opener Prize Board
  • Donations/Misc. : $1315.00


We will be updating this list to track our progress throughout the season.  If you have the means to donate to the cause, we would love your support!

Projects Completed in 2019:

  • Extension of the cart path on Hole #9
  • New white tee box on Hole #13
  • Continued patio improvements for the Caddyshak Bar & Grill
  • Overhaul of the cart barn