Joe Kuta 2022 Tournament Results

Another year, another “Kuta” in the books! We want to thank everybody who played in the event for their support, and extend big congratulations to all the winners — including your new Joe Kuta Champ, Gary Swanson! — for adding another chapter to the legacy of this tournament!

1st Flight
1st Gross — Gary Swanson (Overall Champion)
1st Net — Quentin Johnson
2nd Gross — Rick Brown
2nd Net — Tom Sobczak
3rd Gross — Steve Nichols
3rd Net — Al Kiwazek

2nd Flight
1st Gross — Tim Barnett
1st Net — Charlie Place
2nd Gross — Ken Lundberg
2nd Net — Mickey Kjelstad
3rd Net — Terry Nutt

3rd Flight
1st Gross — Terry Moe
1st Net — Mike Simons
2nd Gross — Butch Johnson
2nd Net — Stuart Sayre
3rd Gross — Chris Coons
3rd Net — Nate Radtke

4th Flight
1st Gross — Mike Gill
1st Net — Tom Petrofske
2nd Gross — Curt Zamzow

Gold Flight
1st Gross — Jim Hardy
1st Net — Bill Wiberg