New Couples Club Champions!

Congratulations to our 2020 Couples Club Champions!

Josh & Breanne Hanson (Gross)

Tom Orszulak & Brenda Landgrebe (Net)

Thanks to all the couples who participated in the event on this past Sunday!  And thanks to Jim Roth and Tana Isaacson for running the Couples League this season!

Also, congratulations to our Ladies’ and Men’s Interclub teams, who each won the year in their respective contests!

The Ladies played against Spooner in two events, and brought home the trophy! Huge thanks to the following for their contributions to the victory!

• Gabby Tremblay
• Cheryl Treland
• Marlene Tremblay
• Shirley Redmond
• Karen Giese
• Betz Latsch
• Lori DeJoode
• Cindy Ross
• Cindy Bijold
• Cynthia Storm
• Pat Martin

The Men played against Voyager Village, Turtleback, and Spooner over the course of four events before taking hold of the trophy for the year! Here’s the combined roster that helped make it happen!

• Ben Kanters
• Mike Cooper
• Steve Nichols
• Pete Rich
• Darryll Andersen
• Rob Frenchick
• Ron Siemers
• Doug Muchow
• Mitch Byrd
• Jeff Hubbard
• Hans Rasmussen
• Chris Palas
• Doug Degler
• John Place
• Ron Mullins
• Dan Harris
• David Kasper
• Quentin Johnson
• Tom Sobczak
• Pat Meyer

Finally, just a reminder that our annual Fall Membership Promotion begins on September 1st. If you were not a member this season, but are considering it for next year, you can get member golf privileges this September and October by purchasing your 2021 membership now!

Full details can be found HERE.