Packers 100-Square Board / Fish Fry Reschedule — Friday, August 30th

As most of you will know, this year we’ve been emphasizing our initiative to raise funds for a series of course improvement projects. We’re currently at $20,270 out of our 2019 goal of $25,000, so we’re closing in and looking for your help to push us over the top! And this latest campaign will offer you the chance to take home some serious winnings of your own!

We’re introducing a Green Bay Packers Square Board in the Pro Shop. Tied to the Eagles/Packers game on Thursday, September 26th, the board has 100 squares, and each square costs $50. Each square is associated with a set of secret numbers (to be revealed later), and if your numbers correspond to the score of the game at the end of each of the four quarters, you win!

We’re hosting a Watch Party in the Caddyshak on the 26th, and during the game we’ll be handing out $500 at the end of every quarter, along with $125 at the end of every quarter for the reverse winning numbers. Also, 50% of revenue generated at the party in the Caddyshak will go directly to the course improvement fund.

With some other initiatives already in place, this will be the capstone of the year that will take us across the goal line!

You can mail entries to our P.O. box (1079, Hayward, WI 54843), or call or stop at the Pro Shop at (715) 634-2760. Checks can be made out to Hayward Golf Club if paying via that method. If you will be mailing a check, please let us know so we can secure a Square for you.

We also wanted to make everybody aware that, due to some unique circumstances, we’ve had to reschedule our next Fish Fry to Friday, August 30th. So plan accordingly!

Finally, a big congratulations to Karen Giese, the new Women’s Club Champion! She also made a hole-in-one during her final round to add a little extra flair to her victory! Well done!