Packers-Vikings Game Square Board / Men’s Leagues Champions

As we’ve done in the last couple years, we’re once again offering a Packers Game Square Board in the Pro Shop; this year’s proceeds will go directly towards the 2021 On-Course Improvement fund. The game in question is the Packers/Vikings game on Sunday, November 1st.

The board has 100 squares, and each square costs $25. Each square is associated with a set of secret numbers (to be revealed later), and if your numbers correspond to the score of the game at the end of each of the four quarters, you win!

Additional details are as follows:

• You can purchase up to 4 squares (or $100 worth).
• Payout will be $250 a quarter ($200 for exact numbers and $50 for reverse numbers)
• We will release board numbers as soon as it is full!

The remaining amount after payouts will go towards the On-Course Improvement Fund.

As we’ve now come to the conclusion of the year for both the 18-Hole and 9-Hole Men’s Leagues, we want to thank all league participants for a terrific season! Here are the results of the Championships:

18-Hole League

9-Hole League

Ross Stauffer & Doug McGarthwaite won the season-long championship (out of a field of 54 two-person teams) by beating Scott Orton & Gary Gillis in a playoff.

Congratulations to all!