Range and Course Status Report!

We’re closer to pinning down exactly when the golf facility will become fully operational! As you can see in the photo, snow is mostly gone from the course, and assuming the weather continues to cooperate, we’re targeting a course opening for the weekend of April 22nd. We will obviously make everybody aware should that shift a bit in either direction.

Additionally, we’re hoping to open the driving range and practice facility by mid-week next week (the 20th/21st area)!  Keep an eye out for any further updates, or feel free to call the Pro Shop (715-634-2760) to get the very latest!

Also, the Caddyshak Bar & Grill is still hiring for the following positions:

• Head Cook/Kitchen Manager
• Line Cooks
• Bartenders
• Servers

More information, along with the application form, can be found HERE.

Finally, some of you may have noticed the display of past Hayward Golf Club (and Hayward Golf & Tennis!) bag tags located in the clubhouse’s main entryway. Well, we’re looking to put together something similar for old HGC (and HG&T) logo golf balls. So if any of you happen to have any that you’d be willing to part with, we’d love to make them part of the display! Contact the Pro Shop.