Solheim Challenge Recap and Video!

The 2021 Solheim Challenge at Hayward Golf Club was a big success, with great weather and great camaraderie!

The results are as follows:

1st Flight
Maddy Schintz & Laura Carlson (EU) — 1st
Karen Norton & Trish Olsen (EU) — 2nd

2nd Flight
Cindy Bijold & Cindy Storm (EU) — 1st
Jody Raymond & Peggy Hanson (USA) — 2nd

3rd Flight
Renee McDonough & Robin Ayling (EU) — 1st
Jana Massee & Dawn Robinette (USA) — 2nd

4th Flight
Millie Merk & Margo Mettler (USA) — 1st
Karen Giese & Betz Latsch (EU) — 2nd

5th Flight
Ginny Herman & Cathy Hauschildt (USA) — 1st
Brenda Proeschel & Vickie McGregor (EU) — 2nd

Overall, the United States team beat the European Union team.

We also put together a quick video to showcase some of the event’s highlights. Enjoy!

Thanks to everyone who helped make this a great day at our Club!