The Caddyshak Bar & Grill stands ready to help you plan and host a variety of gatherings and parties in 2021!

Also, in an attempt to continue to improve our event and everyday offerings in the Caddyshak Bar & Grill, we’re in the midst of building a new set of sound panels that will cut down on some of the extra noise in the dining room and at the bar.

The panels will enhance the ability for guests to hold conversations and generally just make the acoustics of the space that much better for larger events and gatherings.

Thank you to those who have been helping, including Cheryl Treland, Ross Stauffer, Doug McGarthwaite, Bill Rich, Butch Johnson, and Phillip Johnson. Here’s a little taste of their efforts!


We want to extend a huge thank you to the Hayward Lions Club for donating a new defibrillator to the Hayward Civic Club (D.B.A. Hayward Golf Club)!

Rob Susedik, President of the Lions, presents the defibrillator to Steve Nichols, President of the Hayward Civic Club, and Ben Kanters, Head Golf Professional

We’re glad to have this life-saving technology here at the facility, and WITC educator Tim Smith recently led a course open to all staff members at HGC instructing them on how to use the defibrillator, as well as providing CPR and first aid training.

We very much appreciate the generosity of the Lions Club for helping us add this tool to our everyday operations.

Businesses or individuals in the Hayward area will be able to advertise on our golf cart fleet’s GPS system during this coming golf season, so if you’re interested in getting some unique exposure with a high guest visibility, this could be the avenue for you!

A variety of ad sizes and configurations will be available for presentation and placement on the GPS screen, as well the option for short video advertisements.  See more specific details below.

This could be a particularly great option for real estate agencies, recreational services, lodging opportunities, and the like!  If interested, contact Ben Kanters via email at

At Hayward Golf Club, we value our passholders not just for their support, but also because of the invaluable service they can provide as ambassadors for the experience of golfing at HGC. Spreading the word and building interest, both in the local community and across the country at their various winter retreats, has surely contributed to keeping HGC a destination for golfers.

As such, we want to offer a promotion/incentive for our passholders. If you speak to a friend or neighbor, who was not already a passholder last year (2020), and that person then becomes a passholder at your referral, we’re prepared to offer you a credit that can be applied towards the purchase of your 2021 pass or, if you’ve already purchased your 2021 pass, general course credit usable in any department (Pro Shop or Caddyshak Bar & Grill). We’re offering three credit tiers:

• $75 for referral resulting in a Couple/Family Pass
• $50 for referral resulting in a Single Pass
• $35 for referral resulting in a Twilight or Young Adult Pass

There are no limitations on the number of referrals you can send our way! This promotion will be in effect until May 15th, 2021. If you have any questions, contact the Pro Shop at (715) 634-2760 or

Season Pass applications can be found HERE!

After an eventful year at Hayward Golf Club, we wanted to take a look back at some of the highlights of the season. We hope you enjoy, and we can’t wait to create more memorable moments in 2021!