Note from the President – 5/18/17


We are nearing the beginning of the competitive season.  The Special Events continue to try and prepare us for the season, but Mother Nature is not helping us too much. Allan Rosenwald is our Rep to Mother Nature but isn’t helping a whole lot!!

Since we are so I.T. savy, we are starting to develop an information page for us on the web site haywardgolf.com.  Check it out: go to site, click on Leagues, then find the Men’s 18 hole League area.  Already there you will find the SUB list (we will be updating this continuously), weekly results, current standings, schedule, divisions and points of information that will help inform everyone of the upcoming activities. Hopefully, it will be helpful to all!

The kitchen will be open on Tuesday mornings before our events starting tomorrow, May16.  Not a bad idea to start off your morning with your partner/friends… pass on the word… have a hearty meal!

Reminders: next Tuesday, May 23 – breakfast meeting and 9:00 AM shotgun event.  Breakfast will be ready by 7:30 AM with our spring meeting to follow.  We have a number of items to discuss, so be ready for that!

– New scoring system – Match play for all 3 points.  Think if you have questions about that!!

– Please have ALL fees paid by the breakfast meeting.  Do not delay.

Remember to check out the web site; we will be adding stuff all the time!! haywardgolf.com